Greetings from the


Prof. Gajendra Dixit
Rege-Dixit Science Academy

Now gear up and be ready to break barrier of negative thoughts.True hard work is required from your side and I assure you that our team will be with you always to overcome all hurdles which comes between you and your dream career.

Today's era is an era of fierce competition in every aspect of life and it begins with secondary and higher secondary education.The distinguishing attribute between information and education is application.The information we obtain transforms into education only when it is applied or used practically.t Rege-Dixit Science Academy, we provide the "Education" and not mere information.We focus on both the vital aspects of education;"Why" first and "How" second.This is the way we prepare our students not just for exams but for life.The talent and energy which our students possess need to be nurtured ,shaped & channeled in the right direction.Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers,but the best in their lives.

Our state of the art methodologies channelize the potential of students in right direction so as to shape up their academis career and help them reach the apex in academic pursuit.We are committed to facilities the best of the contents,faculties and indigenous methods of educating the young career aspirants in science stream.And we offer everything mentioned at justified fees so no one is left behind bsis financial situation.

The coaches at Rege-Dixit Science Academy are highly trained and well supported by the quality material,carefully managed schedules,test series and mock exams.These practice make students competent to beat the physical,mental and emotional stress and the results at final exams are always the best.

The all-round preparation and the right environment with coaching and counseling capabilities,I am very much confident about your ward's success not only t exams but also in life.I feel proud to be a part of Rege's tutorials and I reiterate my committment to continue this legacy at Rege's TutorialWe are sure that no compromise will be done when question of giving best servces to our students.We will work very closely with our students and parents to make this success possible.

I wish all of you a great success in life which begins at Rege-Dixit Science Academy.

come On!Lets start......